About Us

"In my work both as a Parliamentarian, and within a number of international organisations fighting global poverty, I regularly look for ways to help those in need as effectively and transparently as possible. Giving What We Can represents a fantastic opportunity for donors to make a truly significant contribution to making the world a better place."

— Lord Jack McConnell,
Peer, UK House of Lords and Vice-Chair, UNICEF UK.

"Throughout my career, I have given to causes that address the pressing issue of global poverty. Giving has enriched my life. I’ve worked to create groups that encourage generosity and help to make giving something both normal and rewarding, and I am very impressed with the work of Giving What We Can. They have my full support."

— Dr Frederick Mulder CBE,
founder of The Funding Network.

Giving What We Can is a community of effective givers. We inspire people to donate significantly and as effectively as possible.

Forming a community allows us to share information on how and where to give, help us stick to our commitment and stand together to create a culture of giving more, and more effectively.

Our Vision

A world without extreme poverty

Giving What We Can is an international society dedicated to eliminating extreme poverty in the developing world. Extreme poverty is one of the biggest problems in the world today, and we are determined to do something about it.


Our Mission

Inspire donations to the world’s most effective charities

We believe that charitable donations can do an incredible amount of good. However, it all depends on the effectiveness of the charities which receive your donations. It turns out that the difference between charities is astounding: Some do 1,000 times as much good with a donation as others! It is therefore critical that we give our money to the most effective charities, so that it will have the greatest impact possible.

To that end, Giving What We Can recommends charities based on in-depth research into the effectiveness of interventions in the developing world.


Our Mission Statement

We believe that people in the developed world have an amazing opportunity to substantially improve the lives of countless people at the other end of the global income scale. Our members pledge to give at least 10% of their income to the organisations which can do the most good with their donations. We use evidence to identify those organisations and share our findings. By forming a global community and making public our commitment to effective giving, we can inspire others and ensure that we make a real impact on global poverty.

For those of us living in the developed world, our comparative wealth gives us an amazing opportunity to make a real difference. That is why our members take a pledge committing them to donate at least 10% of their incomes to the most effective charities in the world.


Our Values

We are a welcoming community, sharing our passion and energy to end extreme poverty.

We Care
We have a deep commitment to ending poverty, and
We are dedicated to helping other members of our community give more and better.

We take decisions based on evidence
We apply rigorous academic processes to develop trustworthy research to guide our actions.
We are open-minded towards new approaches to altruism that may show greater effectiveness.
We are honest when it comes to what we don't know or mistakes we have made.

We are optimistic
We are ambitious in terms of the change we believe we can create.
We apply energy and enthusiasm to support and build our community.