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"How lovely to think that no one need wait a moment; we can start now, start slowly changing the world!"
- Anne Frank (diary entry, 1944)

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Giving What We Can has established chapters in the UK, the US, Switzerland and Australia. Find your nearest chapter (or help to set one up) to meet like-minded people there to support each other in giving.

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If you're ready to start saving thousands of lives, join us today by committing to give 10% of your income to effective charities. If you’re not ready for that, sign up with us to Try Giving, which allows you to choose how much of your income to give, and for how long.

What you can achieve

There is a lot our nations and communities can do to help combat extreme poverty, but equally there is a wealth of things you personally can achieve. Find out just how much you can help here.

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We are always interested in people looking to volunteer. Check out this page for details of our current requirements, and for our paid jobs, if we are currently hiring.