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We are regularly contacted by people who would like to leave money to effective charities after they die. Leaving money in your estate is a wonderful way to maintain giving as part of your legacy.

Depending on your circumstances, a bequest may also provide you with beneficial inheritance tax treatment. Please have a read of this post on the potential to quadruple your charitable donations at almost no cost to your beneficiaries for further information.

Giving What We Can can help fulfil your wishes to give, either as the direct beneficiary of a bequest, or by disbursing money amongst our top charities through our Trust .

Leaving money to Giving What We Can

Giving What We Can is a part of the Centre for Effective Altruism, a registered charity in England and Wales. If you would like to leave money to support the activities of Giving What We Can, please make your bequest out to the Centre for Effective Altruism (Registered Charity Number: 1149828) . You can specify that the donation should be restricted to Giving What We Can.

Leaving money to highly effective charities (via the Giving What We Can Trust)

If you would like to leave money to any of the charities to which we currently disburse funds through our Trust, including our recommended charities, please make your bequest out to the Giving What We Can Trust (Registered Charity Number 1155773) . Please specify whether you would like to:

  • restrict your donation to a specific charity or charities (be sure to set out the proportion of your donation that each should receive)*;
  • restrict your donation to our recommended charities, whatever they are at the time of the bequest, (be sure to set out whether your donation should be split between them equally or at Giving What We Can’s discretion); or
  • allow Giving What We Can to disburse the money to whichever charity or charities it deems would be most effective at the time of the bequest.

* Although we have no plans for this to happen, it may be that in the future the Trust can no longer disburse money to all of its current charities. Therefore, if you specify particular charities to receive your donation, we recommend that you also set out alternative arrangements in case this ceases to be possible.

General advice regarding bequests

There are a number of considerations to take into account when you leave money to a charity in your will. Giving What We Can is not in a position to provide legal advice. However we strongly recommend that you do seek legal advice on the matter, thoroughly research whether a bequest will have broader implications for your will, talk to your loved ones about your intentions, and find out how to write your will so as to ensure your Executor can honour your wishes.

Resources — United Kingdom

The following resources may be useful if you are in the United Kingdom and are preparing a Will that includes a bequest to Giving What We Can or our Top Charities. However they are provided by third parties, and Giving What We Can cannot take any responsibility for their accuracy. We recommend that you seek advice from someone legally qualified to provide it.