Tax deductibility

Researching the law around charitable giving can help your donation go further. Often donations to charity are tax deductible. In some countries "gift aid" may result in the government giving extra money to the charity. But it is important to know the laws for the country involved. It can be confusing to make sure that charities get these benefits. These pages aim to help clarify what needs to be done.

One important thing to consider is whether the charity you wish to give to is registered as a charity in your country. Often these benefits do not apply to international donations. So it might be beneficial to give to a charity registered in your own country rather than abroad.

For instance SCI is a registered charity only in the UK. But Deworm the World Initiative is registered as a charity in the US. People in the US won't normally be able to claim tax benefits donating to SCI. Because of this it might be best for for them to donate to Deworm the World Initiative.

For UK residents, you may claim Gift Aid on all four of the charities we recommend by donating to the Giving What We Can Trust, which is registered in the UK.

Below there is general information on the tax law in different countries. This is not intended as legal or tax advice, if you want more in depth information, you might need to ask an accountant. We hope it will be a useful first step in your own research.