The Giving What We Can Team

President - Toby Ord

Toby is the Founder and President of Giving What We Can. He represents Giving What We Can in the media, and provides advice to bodies such as the World Health Organisation, World Bank and the Prime Minister's Office. He is a Research Fellow in Ethics at the University of Oxford. He once made a spherical chess board.

Vice President - William MacAskill

Will is the Vice President of Giving What We Can, and the Active Trustee of the charity of which Giving What We Can is part. He provides strategic advice and guidance. He studied Philosophy at Cambridge and Princeton, and is a Research Associate at the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics. He thinks basketball is the best thing in the world ever. Except water polo.

Executive Director - Michelle Hutchinson

Michelle sets the strategy for Giving What We Can, coordinates team members and evaluates progress in line with that. She studied Physics and Philosophy, and has a PhD in moral philosophy from Oxford University. She loves dancing and playing Articulate with friends.

Assistant Exec. Director, Director of Outreach - Jon Courtney

Jon is responsible for running Giving What We Can's Outreach strategy. For now, this strategy focuses on supporting chapters and encouraging new chapters to develop. He has recently completed a BPhil in Philosophy from the University of Oxford. He is very Canadian. His beard is nearly as splendid as, and much more ginger than, Andreas's.

Director of Community - Alison Woodman

Alison is the heart of our community of members. She organises events for members, facilitates their giving by managing the Trust, answers any and all questions, and looks for new ways to support them. She studied Social Anthropology at Cambridge University and enjoys music and circus arts in her free time.

Director of Communications - Sam Deere

Sam handles communications and helps to bring new members on board. He has worked as a political adviser and communications director for a number of Australian politicians.

Director of Research – Hauke Hillebrandt

Hauke researches the effectiveness of our current top charities and looks for new interventions to recommend. He holds a PhD in Neuroscience from University College London and was previously a Harvard fellow.

Senior Advisor - Andreas Mogensen

Andreas is a fellow of All Souls College, Oxford. He has recently completed a PhD in Philosophy, and has conducted research for Giving What We Can for four years. He has a beard.

Webmaster - Jacob Hilton

Jacob is a PhD student in mathematics at the University of Leeds. He plays Frisbee and the accordion (but not simultaneously).

Blog Manager - Carolina Flores

Carolina is a third year reading Maths and Philosophy at St Hugh's College, Oxford.

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